AFTERSummer sale
15.09.2023 - 29.09.2023
Dear partners!
We invite you to hold a promotion together with us for our company's customers around the world from 15.09.2023 to 29.09.2023.
The promotion called "AfterSummer Sale" includes a special offer for several products with different discounts.
This action is aimed at the global to stimulate sales of our products, as well as to create the opportunity for new customers to try EMI products at attractive prices, so the participation of the maximum number of partners is very important.

Promotion benefits:
  • a new format for focusing the client's attention on one key product of the company;
  • activation of partners' end customers due to full immersion in a cool and popular products;
  • a global format of action, confirming the brand's "universality";
  • favorable conditions for the end client, a great opportunity to make the client fall in love with the product on an ongoing basis.

Special offer for partners:
E.Milac Gel Polishes (list below) - 3.20 euro fixed purchase price (45% discount for the final customer)
(minimum order quantity for gel polishes is 3 pcs per color).

Colors list:
B006 E.MiLac Hawaiian Party 9 ml. 006
LSE039 E.MiLac SE Vanilla Sky #039, 9 ml.
LN050 E.MiLac NEON Energy Club #050, 9 ml.
LN052 E.MiLac NEON Green Absinthe #052, 9 ml.
LN053 E.MiLac NEON Blue Curacao #053, 9 ml.
LN054 E.MiLac NEON Euphoria #054, 9 ml.
LB020 E.MiLac Gothic Pink 9 ml. 020
LB021 E.MiLac Pink Neon 9 ml. 021
LSC084 E.Milac SC Fitness Green #084
LSC086 E.Milac SC Coralline #086
LCW097 E.Milac CW Romantic Pink #097
LCW098 E.Milac CW Provence Blossom #098
LPA058 E.MiLac PA Green Apple #058, 9 ml.
LPA059 E.MiLac PA Canotier #059, 9 ml.
LB027 E.MiLac Purple Glow 9 ml. 027
WEC155 E.MiLac WEC Violet Atlas #155, 9 ml.
WEC156 E.MiLac WEC Shining Orchid #156, 9 ml.
LTG089 E.Milac TG CAPRI #089
LBL173 E.MiLac BL Sweet Symphony #173,9 ml.
LBL182 E.Milac BL Seafoam #182,9 ml.
LBL181 E.MiLac BL Spring Greenery #181, 9 ml.
LGR189 E.MiLac GR Hibiscus #189, 9 ml.
LTO245 E.MiLac TO Malibu #245, 9 ml.
LTO246 E.MiLac TO Vegas #246, 9 ml.
LTO247 E.MiLac TO Miami #247, 9 ml.
LMN277 E.MiLac MN Neo Mint #277, 9 ml.
LGM288 E.MiLac GM Hotel California #288, 9 ml.
LNG306 E.MiLac NG Techno #306, 9 ml.
LNG308 E.MiLac NG Next #308, 9 ml.
LNG309 E.MiLac NG Vision #309, 9 ml.
LG9325 E.MiLac Lively Green #325, 9 ml.
LOT9334 E.MiLac OT Firestorm #334, 9 ml.
LOT9336 E.MiLac OT Blueberry Hill #336, 9 ml.
LCN9364 E.MiLac CN Cotton #364, 9 ml.
LMI9366 E.MiLac MI Enjoy #366, 9 ml.
LMI9368 E.MiLac MI Be Strong #368, 9 ml.
LMI9369 E.MiLac MI Keep Smiling #369, 9 ml.
LMI9370 E.MiLac MI Stand Out #370, 9 ml.
LMI9371 E.MiLac MI Inspire #371, 9 ml.
LVD9377 E.MiLac VD Bella #377, 9 ml.
LFDD404-9 E.MiLac FDD Jade lime #404, 9 ml.
LFDD406-9 E.MiLac FDD Amberglow #406, 9 ml.
LSM409-9 E.MiLac SM Mint Breeze #409, 9 ml.
LSM410-9 E.MiLac SM Honey Flavour #410, 9 ml.
LSM411-9 E.MiLac SM Daydreams #411, 9 ml.
LSM412-9 E.MiLac SM Green Tea #412, 9 ml.
LSM413-9 E.MiLac SM Breakfast at Tiffany's #413, 9 ml.
LSM414-9 E.MiLac SM Camomile Field #414, 9 ml.
LSM415-9 E.MiLac SM Juicy Bite #415, 9 ml.
LSM416-9 E.MiLac SM Spring Rain #416, 9 ml.
LSE039 E.MiLac SE Vanilla Sky #039, 9 ml.
LN049 E.MiLac NEON Adrenalin #049, 9 ml.

Skin Yogurt - 6.27 euro fixed purchase price (30% discount for the final customer)
(minimum order quantity is 3 pcs per product variant).
Skin Pudding - 3.82 euro fixed purchase price (30% discount for the final customer)
(minimum order quantity is 3 pcs per product variant).
UV- block Cream, 300 ml. - 9.80 euro fixed purchase price (30% discount for the final customer)
(minimum order quantity is 3 pcs ).

Special offer for clients:
E.Milac Gel Polish - 45% discount for the final customer
Skin Yogurt - 30% discount for the final customer
Skin Pudding - 30% discount for the final customer
UV- block Cream, 300 ml. - 30% discount for the final customer

(!) Attention:
It is very important to comply with all the requirements for discounts and gifts so that the new promotion is as successful as the previous one.

Conditions and requirements for participants:
  1. Fill out the application form for participation in the promotion on this page until 11.09.2023
  2. Purchase the volume of products required for the promotion (minimum order quantity is 3 pcs per color/product variant) until 15.09.2023.
  3. Place a banner-announcement of the promotion on the pages of your online store by 11.09.2023
  4. Repeat the same discounts indicated by the head office for their customers for the promotion period from 15.09.2023 to 29.09.2023.
  5. Conduct a live broadcast with a master class on Instagram about each product during the promotion as an announcement of the "AfterSummer Sale" promotion.

After the campaign, we will definitely sum up the global results and collect feedback from all participating partners in order to turn this tool into an effective and efficient one.
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